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StarSailor Live Brings
the Skies into your Bedroom

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Next Generation Home
Entertainment ...

This is a soothing sleep star projector, to not only help us attain a great night’s sleep but also bring together some of our favorite things at the touch of our smartphone screen..from sailing through the stars,to streaming your favorite TV shows, playing movies and music videos, checking the latest buzz on social media, catching an exciting game or the latest celebrity gossip, watching a concert, or even reading your favorite blog, book, or children's story at bedtime

Whatever you wish to do, let’s do it with StarSailor - LiveSky...

Place it on a flat surface, such as a nightstand or table top, or hang it on your wall and project your requests onto the ceiling. You can set your device up in any room – our favorite: the bedroom as a night sky projector in bedroom.

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Pair up your smartphone with StarSailor
and play your favorite songs or the radio!

Addicted to song before sleep? StarSailor will play your favorite playlist.
Sleep is the best meditation. Relax yourself with StarSailor!

Lay back and enjoy the Milky Way or for example,
an African Desert Sky, Amazones
or Aurora Borealis and plenty more..

Whether you are cozying up in your home in Belgium, or on a business trip in Toronto, you can view many
different skies or the stars recorded or in real time right on your very own ceiling..

Sleep and wake up with the soft gentle sounds
of StarSailor rather than the usual blaring alarm clock..

StarSailor - LiveSky, with its app and add-ons, allows you to determine with many reports and deep analytics opportunities,
if you are getting a restful sleep and if not, why.

Just hook StarSailor with your smartphone
and watch movies on your ceiling!

StarSailor - LiveSky will open up a whole new world before you, creating a liberating feel in your room. With videos and sounds of
beautiful scenery from around the world, you will feel as if you are actually there.

Lets you

Bring the live Skies into your Bedroom
Listen To the Real sound of those places
Control it with your iOS, Android or window Devices
See beautiful videos of nature and cities around the world
Watch Aurora Borealis Northem/Southem Light in your Bedroom
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