Our StarSailor is now Arrow Certified!

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StarSailor Live Brings
the Skies into your Bedroom

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Next Generation Home
Entertainment ...

This is a soothing sleep star projector, to not only help us attain a great night’s sleep but also bring together some of our favorite things at the touch of our smartphone screen..from sailing through the stars,to streaming your favorite TV shows, playing movies and music videos, checking the latest buzz on social media, catching an exciting game or the latest celebrity gossip, watching a concert, or even reading your favorite blog, book, or children's story at bedtime

Whatever you wish to do, let’s do it with StarSailor - LiveSky...

Place it on a flat surface, such as a nightstand or table top, or hang it on your wall and project your requests onto the ceiling. You can set your device up in any room – our favorite: the bedroom as a night sky projector in bedroom.

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Pair up your smartphone with StarSailor
and play your favorite songs or the radio!

Addicted to song before sleep? StarSailor will play your favorite playlist.
Sleep is the best meditation. Relax yourself with StarSailor!

Lay back and enjoy the Milky Way or for example,
an African Desert Sky, Amazones
or Aurora Borealis and plenty more..

Whether you are cozying up in your home in Belgium, or on a business trip in Toronto, you can view many
different skies or the stars recorded or in real time right on your very own ceiling..

Sleep and wake up with the soft gentle sounds
of StarSailor rather than the usual blaring alarm clock..

StarSailor - LiveSky, with its app and add-ons, allows you to determine with many reports and deep analytics opportunities,
if you are getting a restful sleep and if not, why.

Just hook StarSailor with your smartphone
and watch movies on your ceiling!

StarSailor - LiveSky will open up a whole new world before you, creating a liberating feel in your room. With videos and sounds of
beautiful scenery from around the world, you will feel as if you are actually there.

Our Team

Meet the team. A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry

Brian K Mcclung

Lead Electronic Designer
About Me
Brian K Mcclung, after 30 years as an Electronic Technician, started BKM Engineering, providing Engineering Support to a variety of clients.

Collin Matthews

Electrical Engineer
About Me
An electrical engineer by trade but also have done a lot of work with software and big data analytics. Role in the team: The design of the hardware platform and firmware that will run it.


Technical Engineer
About Me
Mechatronic engineer with a BSc. in Mechatronic Engineering -- currently pursuing a MSc. in Mechatronic Engineering.. worked in three companies mainly. CMC motors; where he worked as a repair and service mechanic dealing in both the electric and mechanic functions. Kenya Power and Lighting Company where he was in charge of repair and services. He also worked for a company called Flex Communication Limited. Among the project, James was designing / designed the PCB boards as well as assemble them. He was (is) in charge of also operating of machines among which included writing of G-codes. Apart from his work experience he has done several projects among which include, a biometric logging system and a sound frequency and volume modulator.


Experienced Solidworks 3D CAD Designer
About Me
A UK design engineer who specialises particularly in Solidworks 3D CAD modelling and drawings. He has more than nine years of Solidworks experience and hold a First Class Honours degree in Sustainable Product Design. He has also completed a range of Solidworks-certified training courses in the UK."

Patrick Jreijiri

Mechatronics Engineer
About Me
He is a mechatronics engineer with a specialty in mechanical design and electronic control. His passion is to be working on new ideas every day.

Tim Hornsby

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer
About Me
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer / Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Degree. More than 35 years experience in embedded systems software, firmware and hardware engineering including Windows, Linux, Unix, and most RTOS. Developing software and firmware for system devices.

Timothy Wake

I.P. & C. Lawyer
About Me
Timothy is an Intellectual Property and Commercial Lawyer from the UK. After working in the aviation industry for two years after his undergraduate degree, he studied a postgraduate degree in Law and was later called to the Bar. Timothy has worked for a law firm in Brighton and a chambers in Inner Temple, London, since graduating and has practiced mainly in civil, commercial and IP law since. His knowledge and expertise in his practice have allowed him to work on many very technical and interesting cases.

Cesar Nascimento

Embedded Software Designer
About Me
Electrical/Electronics Engineer with 16+ years of experience in Firmware and Embedded. Software Research and Development.

Gilad Tal

Chief designer
About Me
Concept & Product Designer with "an attidude".. "I believe that everything should be designed, there is nothing that you can't design to better aesthetically and more efficient intelligent accessible that considers both environment and consumption for everyone. My designs is based on clean original and modern designs with high accessibility


About Me
Brian K Mcclung, after 30 years as an Electronic Technician, started BKM Engineering, providing Engineering Support to a variety of clients.

Lets you

Bring the live Skies into your Bedroom
Listen To the Real sound of those places
Control it with your iOS, Android or window Devices
See beautiful videos of nature and cities around the world
Watch Aurora Borealis Northem/Southem Light in your Bedroom
Check Information You need a glance